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Incrediwear Anti-Inflammatory Wear
FDA-approved to reduce swelling, alleviate pain & accelerate recovery

INCREDIWEAR - Pain Relief and Recovery

Braces - Sleeves - Socks - Apparel


  • Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear works to reduce swelling, alleviate pain, muscle fatigue and soreness by increasing circulation to accelerate recovery

  • Scientifically proven therapeutic fabric, embedded with natural elements to promote drug-free pain management

Dr. Scott King - Incrediwear.jpg

Dr. King Says

"Ready to lift again.  I am almost 70 and strength training is of the utmost importance.  The Incrediwear Shoulder Braces and Back Brace allow me to lift heavier weights pain-free.  I also notice faster recovery...I feel the blood flushing the muscles and joint capsules.  Incrediwear products are essential for the Senior Athlete.

 - Evan Scott King, D.D.S.


Incrediwear Sleeves and Braces are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation & swelling, relieve pain, resotre mobility and accelerate recovery.  Our products have shown to effectively alleviate symptoms related to a wide variety of injuries and conditions.


Incrediwear's Sock line can be used for a wide range of activities to relieve foot fatigue and pain.  Our breathable, moisturewicking design provides maximum comfort to keep you on your feet all day. 


Incrediwear's Apparel has shown to effectively reduce the risk of overuse injuries and relieve muscle fatigue.  Our fabric blend provides great supports and coverage to ensure maximum comfort for any activity.

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