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WellFit Home Recovery Zone
Work Hard, Play Hard, Recover Easy!
"I never thought recovery could be this easy."
- Justice Hardy

Red+NIR Light + Compression + Percussive Trigger Point

3 Treatments for optimal recovery in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office


  • Achieve Peak Physical and Mental Performance with cutting-edge, science-based Recovery Technology used by professional athletes, teams and celebrities

  • WORK HARD, PLAY HARD and RECOVER EASY with your own WellFit Home Recovery Zone

Red + NIR Light Therapy Systems

Scientifically proven to help you look, feel & perform better, Red and Near Infrared Light treatments are ideal for pre-workout activation, post-workout recovery, and helping joint pain, inflammation, muscle soreness, bone & skin health, sleep, cognitive function & more. SYSTEMS INCLUDE:

  1. RL1000 FULL BODY:  Incredible power and full-body coverage with 180 mW/cm2 irradiance for efficient 15 minute treatment sessions for joint pain and tendonitis, muscle soreness, inflammation or nerve damage. (Included with both Essential & Complete Systems)

  2. RL24 MINI:   Lightweight, Portable and powerful, the RL24 MINI has a small coverage area with 120 mW/cm2 irradiance for targeted treatment areas of the face, hands or any areas with muscle soreness and/or joint pain (Included with Complete, Optional for Essential)

  3. RL300 T-TOP:  This table-top device offers a larger coverage area and irradiance of 140 mW/cm2, making it well-suited for targeting larger body parts including the head, arms, torso, legs and/or feet. (Included with Complete, Optional for Essential)

Pneumatic Compression Therapy

Dynamic compression is a clinically proven method to increase circulation, reduce soreness and help athletes of all ages and skill levels to perform at their best every day.  SYSTEMS INCLUDE:

  • RECOVERY PLUS:  High-quality, affordably-priced 4-chamber system includes size-specific compression boots with a variety of programming options and an easy-to-use touch screen display.  More customizable than other brands with Time (1-99min), Pressure (30-240mmHg), 4 Zone Boost/Skip settings plus 6 therapy modes including Massage, Rehab and Athletic Recovery Flush. (Leg Sleeves system included with both Essential & Complete Systems, Complete also includes Hip & Arm Sleeves)

RecoverGun Percussive Trigger Point Therapy

The WellFit RecoverGun offers state-of-the-art, 3rd generation Percussive Massage Technology that compares favorably to Theragun and Hypervolt at a fraction of the price. Internationally recognized physical therapist Dr. Lilian Chen has custom designed the RecoverGun to be quieter, more powerful and more versatile with digital controls offering 20 pressure settings and 5 professional attachments to optimize the massage experience, accelerate recovery and improve performance.

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