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PROLON Professional 5-Day FMD

Physician-approved, Scientifically-evidenced Fasting Mimicking Diet for Self-Rejuvenation and Metabolic Health


USC Director of Longevity Dr. Valter Longo discusses FMD Topics

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PROLON Professional FMD - Try it & See for Yourself!

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A Nutritional Intervention to Reset Your Metabolic Balance

Only 5 days each month of the PROLON Professional 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet provides many of the benefits of an every day heart-healthy diet when done over the recommended four-month program.  

  • Helps support metabolic health

  • Help support cardiovascular health as part of a healthy lifestyle

  • Helps with FAST weight loss and visceral fat burning

  • Supports healthy aging and cellular rejuvenation

  • After first use, individuals reported greater energy levels, mental clarity and focus, better relationship with food, and fewer cravings

What is PROLON Professional?

ProLon Professional is a groundbreaking nutritional intervention that includes 5 days of convenient, tasty, plant-based foods.  These foods are specially formulated to put your body in a fasting state - even though you're eating.

The 5-day FMD has been clinically studied to help support:

  • Metabolic Wellness

  • Weight Loss

  • Reduced Waist Circumference

  • Lean Body Mass Preservation

  • Body Fat Reduction

  • Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Healthy Aging:  Brought on by weight loss, metabolic wellness and cellular rejuvenation

Additional PROLON Professional Information

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