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SSTAR Physical Therapy Practice

Sierra Madre, California
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"Dr. Lilian Chen is a real PT expert.  She not only treated my injuries, but she also addressed the root cause of these issues and helped with an exercise plan to prevent future problems.  I'd highly recommend her to anyone trying to maintain an active, athletic lifestyle."
 - Thomas Jones, Active Tennis Player
About SSTAR Physical Therapy and Wellness Services

SSTAR, or Sport-Specific Therapy and Rehabilitation, is a private outpatient Physical Therapy practice serving the Pasadena area as well as local San Gabriel Valley communities.  SSTAR was founded by Dr. Lilian Chen, who in addition to running her private practice, is an Instructor of Clinical Physical Therapy for USC's #1-ranked DPT Program, as well as a distinguished speaker, educator and clinician and is internationally recognized for her pioneering work with elite, Olympic-level athletes, celebrities and in Women's/Maternal Health.

For more information on Dr. Lilian Chen, including her CV, certifications and work with elite Olympic-level athletes and the Chinese Olympic Committee, click the link below:

Our Services
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Comprehensive High Performance Fitness Assessment (for Active Athletes 11 years and up):

  • Scientifically proven to identify potential injuries before they occur

  • Recommended testing every 3-4 months for active players to prevent loss of training and playing time due to injury

  • Improve your performance and gain a competitive advantage

  • Sport-specific testing includes strength, movement and agility evaluation with video analysis and customized 30-day exercise program

Neuromuscular Re-Education Program (Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better in just 12 weeks):

  • Scientifically proven reconditioning program includes twice weekly treatment and fitness sessions, plus at-home recommendations

  • One-on-one personalized instruction and hands-on manual therapy

  • Includes your initial High Performance Fitness Assessment and HealthFit Class registration

  • For most participants, within 3-4 weeks you’ll feel better, in 6-8 weeks you’ll look better, and after 10-12 weeks you will see noticeable improvement in your balance, movement, and overall performance – you will actually become a better athlete

Private Treatment Sessions (with Dr. Lilian Chen):

  • One-on-one personalized treatment may include hands-on manual therapy, Pilates-based rehabilitation, balance training, Gua Sha, cupping therapy, kinesio taping, fascia release and more

  • 60-minute, 90-minute, or 120-minute sessions available

  • Progressive weekly program will initially focus on addressing body imbalance and treating chronic injuries, but then gradually focus on improved movement patterns, balance, strength and athletic performance

  • Recommended at least two sessions per week initially, tapering to once per week for maintenance


Partner Tabata and M.O.R.R. Certified Explosive Speed and Strength Training:

  • Up to 4-to-1 sessions offer focused instruction on Tabata High Intensity and/or M.O.R.R. Explosive Strength and Speed training

  • Great for couples, tennis partners, or families who are more motivated in a joint setting to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity, VO2 max, resting metabolic rate and burn fat

  • Partner sessions work best when all parties are at similar fitness levels and have similar fitness goals

  • Recommended at least 2-3 sessions per week for initial 6-weeks


HealthFIT Classes:

  • These cutting-edge programs combine M.O.R.R., H.I.I.T. and Tabata inspired workouts with Red+NIR Light Therapy, Dynamic Activation & Wearable Recovery Gear to stimulate strength gains and the release of fatty acids from fat tissue

  • Great for those that are looking to maintain an active lifestyle or improve performance and stamina for activities like tennis, squash, cycling, hiking, swimming and mo

  • 12-week Programs, offered 2-3x per week

Cupping Therapy:

  • Ancient Eastern therapy based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and poor energy flow through the body

  • Modern cupping practitioners place a cup on the skin in the treatment area, then use a rubber pump to create suction that draws the skin and muscle up into the cup

  • By drawing blood to the affected area, blood flow increases to help relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and reduce inflammation

  • Used by athletes and celebrities like Michael Phelps, Conor McGregor and Kaley Cuoco


Gua Sha (Scraping) Massage Therapy:

  • A bodywork treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as an approach to better health by addressing issues like chronic pain

  • Intended to address inflammation, which is the underlying cause of several conditions associated with chronic pain

  • Gua Sha therapist scrapes the skin to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue in the back, buttocks, neck, arms and legs, which increases blood flow to promote healing

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