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HealthFIT Program adds PROLON Professional FMD to Boost Self-Rejuvenation and Metabolic Health

Physician-approved, Scientifically evidenced, non-prescription therapies promoting health, longevity, fitness and wellness at any age

As a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have always treated my patients with the goal to avoid surgery by using PT and strength training for rehabilitation, along with promoting a healthier lifestyle including nutrition, sleep and regular exercise.

In 2008, I first became aware of the research that Dr. Valter Longo was conducting at the University of Southern California, where I'm currently employed at teaching faculty in their top-ranked DPT program. As the Director of the USC Longevity Institute, Dr. Longo is highly regarded for his discovery that a fast-mimicking-diet (FMD) like PROLON Professional promoted regenerative and rejuvenating changes, and

  • helps maintain metabolic health

  • reduces excess fat while maintaining body mass

  • trims your waistline with focused weight loss from visceral fit in the abdomen

  • triggers apoptosis and autophagy in your body for clean-up of old and worn out cells

Based on all of these benefits, plus the impressive fact that L-Nutra and Dr. Longo hold the only patent in the history of healthcare for optimizing longevity and healthspan, I tested the PROLON Professional 5-Day FMD and was very pleased with my results. In addition to losing 8.2% overall body fat and 9.3% trunk/visceral fat during those 5 days, I have had more energy, better sleep quality and healthier meal choices since completing the PROLON FMD.

For my clients and HealthFIT Program participants, I can confidently recommend PROLON Professional FBD as an opportunity to add a well-researched and clinically proven program that is designed to promote the body's natural ability to protect, regenerate and rejuvenate.

By incorporating PROLON Professional into our HealthFIT program, which includes science-based exercise and athletic recovery programs like M.O.R.R., Tabata, Resistance Training, Red+NIR Light Therapy, Compression Therapy and Percussive Trigger-Point Massage, we believe our participants will experience life-changing results and an overall healthier lifestyle.

I look forward to my own continued use of PROLON Professional and to sharing the benefits of this fasting-mimicking-diet with others that are interested in maintaining an active lifestyle and a superior quality of life.

- Dr. Lilian Chen - DPT, OCS, CLT, MS, CPI

For more information on the HealthFIT Program and/or PROLON Professional FMD, Click Here!

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