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Diadem Hero Pickleball Starter Kit

Diadem Hero Pickleball Starter Kit

$79.95 Regular Price
$71.96Sale Price

Diadem Hero Composite Pickleball Paddle Starter Kit with Balls

The Diadem Hero Pickleball Starter Kit is a balanced bargain that will

introduce yourself and a partner to the game. The Diadem Hero Paddles are a great beginner option due to their agile weight, durable

construction, and generous striking surface area. You'll find yourself

getting into the swing of things in no time thanks to their pleasant feel

and reliable sweet spot.

The Diadem Hero Starter Kit arrives with two Diadem Hero Paddles, two pickleballs, and a mesh carrying bag. The Hero Paddles weigh an

average of 7.6 oz. and have a small grip circumference so players can

maintain a firm hold during play. The pickleballs can be used both

indoors and outdoors, remaining visible on any court due to their vibrant color. Use the mesh bag for efficient transport and storage.

This Hero Pickleball Starter Kit from Diadem will provide tons of fun if

you have access to a court, and will likely trigger a healthy addiction to

the game!

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".