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Diadem Warrior v2 Carbon Fiber Paddle

Diadem Warrior v2 Carbon Fiber Paddle


Diadem Warrior V2 19mm Etched Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Updated and better than ever, the Diadem Warrior V2 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is the next evolution of the beloved original Diadem Warrior V1, adding more pop and feedback that is sure to perpetuate this legendary paddle's reputation. To do this, Diadem started by keeping the ground-breaking 19mm (0.748") thick core, comprised of three honeycomb layers utilizing two different materials. This core situates a rubberized Nomex layer with vibration-dampening properties between two poppy and cushioned honeycomb layers that provide the large sweet spot, exceptional touch, and mis-hit forgiveness you would expect from a 19mm thick paddle...with a little added rebound and feedback that helps in the power-focused modern game.

Also new to the Warrior V2 is the Etched Carbon Fiber paddle face, a slightly lighter 8.25-ounce average weight, and a slightly longer 5.3" handle. The 11.1" by 7.4" Etched Carbon Fiber hitting surface, as also found on the venerable Warrior Edge paddle, encourages you to hit precise spinning cut shots and serves by grabbing the ball and bending its flight path with ease. This middle-heavyweight feel is designed to answer the call for just a little more maneuverability and a quicker reload time near the non-volley zone. Finally, the taper tech molded handle offers a 5.3" length, arrives wrapped in a Diadem Comfort Max Grip, and helps you reach dinks, adds leverage for overhead slams, and encourages two-handed backhands when the situation calls for them. All of this material science is presented to you in a molded, edgeless form and protected by the Paddle Armor edge tape included with every paddle.

The Warrior V2 Carbon Fiber Paddle from Diadem Pickleball picks up where the original left off, with a super-thick vibration-dampening core and elongated shape that helps you take control of the match.

  • Technical Specs

    Diadem Warrior V2 Carbon Fiber Paddle Technical Specifications
    Average Weight: 8.25 ounces
    Weight Range: 8.0 - 8.4 ounces
    Grip Circumference: 4 1/8" (Small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"
    Grip Style: Comfort Max Grip
    Grip Manufacturer: Diadem Sports
    Handle Length: 5.3"
    Paddle Length: 16.4"
    Paddle Width: 7.4"
    Paddle Face: Etched Carbon Fiber
    Core Material: Poly Honeycomb + Aramid (Nomex) Honeycomb + Poly Honeycomb / Sandwich Construction
    Core Thickness: 19mm (0.748")
    Edge Guard: Molded Edgeless Thermoformed
    Manufacturer: Diadem Pickleball
    Made in China

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